As an artist, my creative practice is deeply rooted in the belief that art has the power to transcend boundaries, create connections, and inspire positive change within society. As an artist with disabilities, I am committed to engaging with marginalised groups, refugees, and disabled young people, harnessing the transformative potential of art to address pressing social issues and amplify the voices of those whose stories often go unheard.

Central to my artistic approach is the belief in collaboration and community exchange. I strive to develop on-site partnerships, fostering a shared space for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and the co-creation of art projects.

In my practice, I employ a range of artistic media, including photography, multimedia installations, and community-based interventions. By experimenting with diverse techniques, I aim to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences that challenge preconceived notions, evoke emotions, and inspire critical reflection.


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I am a Scottish mixed media artist living, and working in London. I have been expressing through art for many years my concerns in various mediums, about the ecology of the ocean, and our planet. ‘Ecologically, man cannot ignore what feeds him socially, politically, economically, and most importantly spiritually’ – Linda Lieberman, 2000

instagram: linda_lieberman

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Creative Producer and Community Builder. Director of JustCollaborate CIO and MillbankCreativeWorks CIC.

MillbankCreativeWorks is supporting creative, sustainability and all together local community building projects for over 15 years now. We are particularly proud of “Flying Dreams of Our Future” as it brings together a considerable number of Millbank Neighbourhood stakeholder organisations, namely St Andrew’s Youth Club, ChelseaUAL, TateBritain, SouthwestFest, Millbank Estate TMO Residents and Westminster Recycling Champions. Lead artist Juan DelGado teaming up with environmental documentarian Linda Lieberman and creative activist Margarita Novikova created a wonderful learning experience for people of all ages and backgrounds and documented as one of the Frankie Stein PunkTrees forming the Community Memory Park – a Community narrative installation building up through workshops held at Tate Britain and Tate Modern’s TateExchange.


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I am an artist and facilitator enthusiastic about devised teatre and community engaging art projects; I love the idea of recycling/ upcycling and making people heard. My dream is to marry making and talkin aiming to bring people together. My media are narraating human voices and other sounds and noises, digital images, textile, plastic, found objects, cardboard, etc.


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I am Nnamdi Obi Onubogu.Youth worker. I am passionate about advocating for and seeing young people transform into well meaning adults and give back to their communities.



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I am a premium branding photographer, helping female business owners who want to look good, feel good; stand out from the competition, and show up with a confident online presence. Saving my clients stress and time when they have a ready-made bank of on-brand professional photographs designed just for them; to use across all marketing and social platforms.



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I’m an imaginative UX/UI designer weaving dreams into pixels. Embracing modern and minimal aesthetics, I’m a firm believer that details are the essence of design’s allure. From startups to renowned brands, I’ve embarked on diverse design journeys, translating visions into visually stunning interfaces. Let’s create something extraordinary together!


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I’m a self-taught photographer driven by creativity and passion. I immerse myself in the art of capturing and editing professional-grade images. With a sharp sense of composition and a natural timing instinct, I utilize my DSLR camera to express my creativity and seize life’s invaluable moments.


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