Day 1: Introduction

We gathered at the Stockwell Community Centre on Saturday morning, and set up the video projector, sound system and presented the program for Brixton Labyrinth. The group, coordinated by Michael Charsley, commented on the ideas proposed by the artist Juan delGado about this project: food, identity and place.

Day 2: Visit to the Serpentine Gallery

Today, we gathered at the Costa Coffee shop opposite the Brixton tube station. We drank coffees and hot chocolates while Juan briefed us on this session’s goals. We watched together the videos we shot at the Brixton Market last week. We also had a look at the beautiful website that Katie designed and everyone was very…

Day 3: Introduction to Filming and Mobile Technology

Day 4: Workshop on Brixton Market (Part One)

Day 4: Workshop on Brixton Market (Part One)

Day 5: Workshop on Brixton Market (Part Two)

Day 6: Workshop on Brixton Market (Part Three)

Day 7: The Negative Impact of Sugar on Human metabolism

Today we met at Stockwell Park Community Centre again. This time our focus was the health effects of sugar. After the usual teas and coffees, we watched a film about the addictiveness of Coca Cola, before discussing what we’d learned. Shocking facts about the impact of high sugar diets on energy levels, attention span and organ function triggered a conversation about the importance of education surrounding nutrition.

Glossy advertising campaigns often negate the social implications of sugary drinks like Coke. It was suggested that rather than getting swept up in the sensations of fizz, fun and refreshment, we stop and think about the repercussions of consuming these products, and consequently fuelling the corporations which manufacture them. For example, sugar ‘swings’ cause major detriment to children, who can’t concentrate in class. We talked about the idea of balance and cultivating flexibility, as well as awareness, in our attitudes towards what we put in our bodies. We all went home with a lot of food for thought, with intentions of bringing some of these concepts into our filmmaking.