About the project

As an artistic participatory project with a group of young people with autism based in South London, we will research food as part of cultural and community identity.

Inspired by an inclusive methodology, the project will include a creative program of activities, screening and discussions about how food is connected with family memories and how this is connected with the cultural community heritage of the city of London. For this phase of the project, the artist Juan delGado will develop a methodology for working collaboratively with a group of young people with autism aged 20 onwards. The group is part of Lambeth Autism Association and A2ndVoice CIC, a voluntary support group run by people caring for someone on the autistic spectrum who meet at the Stockwell Community Centre.

With curatorial support from Almanac Projects, the participants will watch films, learn stories about food and community and will explore ideas on how to approach food from a different perspective. The project aims to build a critical analysis of the place where migrant families used to do their shopping and meet. A series of creative learning workshops focusing on basic techniques of filming will be provided so the participants are skilled to start producing their own images and sound.

Playing with freedom, limits and trust, these creative workshops will provide a space for the young people and their carers to extend their habits of supported learning and communication.